Ready to learn about a little-known yet fast growing genre in voiceover?

It’s called Audio Description (AD), and it’s a fast-growing style of voiceover narration that serves a BIG purpose. 

In fact, the rise of Audio Description is due in big part to the vast demand for content on Streaming services like Netflix, Apple+, HBO Max, Hulu, Disney+ and many more. 


So, what is Audio Description exactly?

For media consumers who are blind or of low-vision, Audio Description helps listeners understand what’s happening and when during television, film, video presentations, theatre, live events, and more so that they have the best, most immersive experience possible!

To accomplish this, voiceover actors a.k.a Describers or Narrators are hired to provide narration to describe what is happening in scenes, settings, costumes, body language, on-screen text, and other visual content, all slipped in-between portions of dialogue or songs.

Sadly however, the standards within the Audio Description genre can vary greatly. This diminishes the cinematic and/or entertainment experience greatly. And that’s just not okay!

That’s why I’m offering this signature Introduction to Audio Description Course!

Audio Description is NOT charity!

As a seasoned voiceover actor with several years of experience as an Audio Description narrator, my goal is to raise these standards by training voiceover actors on exactly HOW to meet the needs and desires of blind and low-vision listeners. So that they receive the high quality entertainment they deserve even when the production company itself may not necessarily care or ask you to meet any standards. All while raising the rates for the Narrators doing this work. 

To this end, Blind Advisors form part of the curriculum to ensure you have the most well rounded learning experience which will help you succeed as an Audio Description Narrator.

This Audio Description course is where you’ll learn the ins and outs of the Audio Description genre, and where you’ll put what you’ve learned into practice and receive real-time feedback from blind advisors including a Hiring Director.

This course is designed to give you a solid foundation that will help you get started with everything you need to know about this genre of voiceover work. I have helped many Voiceover Actors become Audio Description Narrators with great success. I have also helped them negotiate great rates that are far above standard rates for this genre. 

More and more producers are awakening to the need of Audio Description. With this course, you'll be able to step-up and form part of the Narrators that are in demand today, more than ever!


Each class will start at 7pm Eastern/4pm Pacific. Each class will be approximately two hours unless otherwise noted. The focus of this course is Film and Television but you will learn about the industry as a whole. Most importantly, this course has many Blind Advisors as part of the curriculum to offer you a well rounded learning experience that will make a difference in your career as an Audio Description Narrator. 

Can't Attend a Class?

No problem! After the first live round of this course, every class will be available in your membership site for on-demand learning anytime and anywhere. This course is designed to be able to be completed as a self-study course.

September 7, 2022

In our first class we will be covering the past, present and future of Audio Description with two Blind Advisor guests.

We will delve into the history of Audio Description, what works well today and what still needs improvement for the future.

Sophia will also touch on how AI is impacting the Audio Description genre.

You will get a brief assignment to understand Audio Description yourself and learn firsthand how this world works.

September 14, 2022

In week two, Sophia will be joined by a blind Audio Description Narrator that will be sharing his approach to this work, the importance of always including blind people on projects and other important information for all Audio Description Narrators to take into account as they approach this genre.

We will also go into depth on what it takes to succeed as an Audio Description Narrator. You will learn about the various styles of Audio Description.

Sophia will also share best practices to be able to thrive in this genre.

September 21, 2022

In week three, you will hear samples of the various styles and you will also get to start practicing some Audio Description for Film and TV. This will help you explore the niche your voice will fit the best.

During this class, a panel of Blind Advisors will be joining us during the second half of the class to give you their feedback on your performances. This is a very important part of the course as you'll understand the importance of the nuisances it takes to narrate with your audience in mind at all times.

Please note, this class may go as long as three hours depending on how many people read during this class.

September 28, 2022

In our final week, we will hear from a Hiring Director for Audio Description.

You will also get another opportunity in this class to practice more Audio Description with feedback from the Hiring Director and Sophia.

There will be a dedicated time for a Q&A.

Please note, this class may go as long as three hours depending on how many people read during this class and the amount of questions we receive.

Winning In VoiceOver

“I hired Sophia to help me with a complex Audio Description rate negotiation and for Audio Description coaching but I received so much more. Her coaching helped me confidently book an Audio Description project for a major tech company. I learned tools for building confidence, recognizing self worth and approaching negotiations from a place of genuine connection with clients. I’m really grateful for Sophia and the support she has brought to my career and life!”

Want or Need More?

If you'd prefer to schedule a one-on-one Audio Description coaching session with Sophia, you can do so here:  ADcoaching. Many who have an immediate Audio Description opportunity opt for this option to get specific coaching or for anyone who wants to advance quickly in securing AD work. Sophia has helped launch the Audio Description careers of many voiceover talents for some of the most prominent companies that offer Audio Description services.

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  • Winning In VoiceOver

    “So much value"

    "I have never gotten so much value from a single course before – from the education to the hands-on experience to the evaluation, it was just non-stop benefit, and extremely fun! Not only do I appreciate the information, I appreciate the obvious passion with which you taught it. The fact that you soldiered through almost four hours of instruction feeling as bad as you did, says a lot about who you are as a person and a teacher. I feel very lucky and honored to be one of your students.”

    Professional Voiceover Talent

  • Winning In VoiceOver

    “It's a smart investment"

    "Sophia is one of the most authentic, caring and generous talents in the voiceover business. From the moment I heard about the Audio Description genre of voiceover work, and that Sophia was offering classes, I wanted to learn from her. Sophia offers the opportunity to learn by doing, gives succinct direction and also includes invaluable feedback from blind advisors. Take this course with Sophia Cruz. It’s a smart investment with one of VO’s triple threats: talent, business woman & now coach.”

    Professional Voiceover Talent

  • Winning In VoiceOver

    “Amazing Instructor"

    "Sophia is an amazing instructor whose immense passion for her work is evident in every class she teaches. Her flexible teaching style and approachable manner make it easy to ask questions or voice any concerns. She teaches complex information in a way that is easy to understand, and she is always ready to teach those attending her classes to advocate for themselves. Delivering good quality audio description is something she really cares about, and she makes it a point to voice the importance and value this work has for the visually impaired community”

    Blind Advisor

Raúl Aldana will be contributing to the content for the Introduction to Audio Description Course. Raúl is a seasoned voice over actor, dubbing actor, as well as a director. He currently serves as vice president of Zoo Digital and is responsible for the Dubbing and Audio Description that Zoo Digital does. His experience doing Audio Description narration began at Disney in 2015, where he was employed for 20 years and responsible for the dubbing of their content. He’ll be sharing his vast knowledge on this topic and how voiceover actors can be prepared to be Audio Description narrators themselves and what he looks for in talent to be on the Zoo Digital Roster. 

I’m Sophia Cruz – a seasoned voiceover actor of 15+ years, a speaker, educator and a success coach.

I created this Introduction to Audio Description course to offer a solid training resource to aspiring Audio Description Narrators.  This training can also be used to train employees at companies to learn the importance of Audio Description for the blind and low vision community.

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, the education offered through Winning in VoiceOver is designed to give you the tools to succeed. 

My mission is to teach you how to filter through the noise and find the right formula for you so you can start having big wins in your business.

Sophia can be heard on Netflix, Amazon, HBOMax, Disney+, and Hulu as an Audio Description Narrator for many TV series and films.