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The Get Started Demos Difference

Are you looking to get started in voiceover or looking to get started in a new genre? If so, Get Started Demos offers you an affordable demo option without compromising on quality! Sophia Cruz will write custom demo scripts for your voiceover demo that will help you market yourself effectively in the ever growing and demanding voiceover market. Demos are available in both English and Spanish. 

Sophia's goal is to provide an affordable quality demo option to help you Get Started in booking voiceover projects. She believes every person deserves to have an affordable professionally produced demo regardless of what level they are at in their voiceover career.


The Problem

Voiceover Demo Production has always been a significant investment for all voiceover talents in the United States. In years past, it was sufficient to have one demo for commercial work and one demo for narration. Today, that is no longer the case.

In order to be able to market yourself effectively, you must have a demo for every specific genre you are pursuing work in. This can and has literally stalled and/or prohibited many people new to voiceover or anyone wanting to expand into other genres with booking work. Why? Because no one is likely going to hire you without hearing what you can do for them. That's why it's called a demo. It's a DEMOstration of your current voice over skill set.

The problem for many people new to voiceover or to a new genre is that you WILL likely have to get a new demo as early as six months to a year after you've done your first demo. Why? Because your voiceover skillset will vastly improve once you start booking real jobs. 

Most professionally produced demos have a life shelf of about 3-5 years and range from $1500-$2500 per demo. With the way the world is rapidly changing, I estimate the shelf life will be reduced to more like 2-3 years. For any newcomer, the shelf life of their first demo, is closer to one year. The cost of keeping a demo current to your voice over skillset adds up super quickly and let's face it, most people don't have $5,000 - $10,000+ lying around to invest on just demos because there are many other cost factors to consider like your home studio investment.

The Solution

Save Money Without Compromising Quality, that's Sophia's Motto!

Why trust Sophia with your Demo Production? Sophia is known as the Most Truthful Voice in Voiceover™. This is why she has spelled out the problem with most demos above that you will be hard pressed to find on any other demo producers website. In addition to this, Sophia has 10+ years of working with top demo production companies. She has an incredibly trained ear on what books. Being on both of sides of the window as a Casting Director and Voiceover Talent, she understands the pulse and trends of the U.S. voiceover market.

Sophia works with a highly experienced demo production Audio Engineer, who has 24 years of overall Audio Production experience designing audio for the biggest international and national brands. Sophia and her Audio Engineer will be recording you live from either your home studio or recording studio of your choice. Your demo will be produced with the highest quality of licensed music, FX and mastering!

We currently produce demos for Audio Description, Commercials, Corporate Narration, E-Learning, Explainer Videos, and Telephony/IVR in both English and Spanish.


The price for each Custom Demo is only $799 for all genres.  You also have the option to add in a marketing session with your demo for a total of $999. The Demo + Marketing package is a winning combination that will help you book work with your demo as quickly as possible.

Sophia is a true expert in marketing. She books voiceover work every single week directly from her demos due to her marketing savviness. In your marketing session, she will teach you the marketing fundamentals you need to help you get started on booking work with your new Winning In Voiceover demo!

If you have questions don't hesitate to email Sophia directly by clicking here. Alternatively, you can schedule a free consult to discuss your demo needs to ensure it's a good fit for you by clicking here.

What's Included in your Demo Purchase:


demo prep consulation


custom written scripts tailored to your strengths & Marketing goals


Post-production (licensed music & sound effects)


recording session with no time limit


mixing and mastering


mp3 files & wave masters

  • Winning In VoiceOver

    “Sophia's experience in all things voiceover really shows when working with her. For a very reasonable price, I not only walked away with a professional eLearning demo, but with new knowledge that will help me throughout my voiceover career. When working with her, it's evident that she wants you to reach your full potential and isn't going to take any shortcuts. She's all in! Working with Sophia was money and time spent wisely and I have already reaped the benefits. 100% recommend!”

  • Winning In VoiceOver

    “I'm really enjoying my e-Learning demo from Sophia. It's well-written, sounds crisp and is professional. And I LOVED the sound effects. Thanks, Sophia!”

  • Winning In VoiceOver

    “Since meeting Sophia, she has leveled up my voiceover career significantly in a short amount of time.

    Her demo expertise helped prep me for my Commercial demo. She produced my Audio Description demo. I've successfully booked work off of both demos due to her coaching and expertise.

    Her skills, business savviness and knowledge of what's booking right now helped me book my first set of national commercials and Audio Description work.

    I highly recommend her for voiceover coaching and demo production.”

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