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The Best Ways to Practice Voiceover

there is no substitue for practice (1024 × 768 px)

What Are the Best Ways to Practice VoiceOver?

There is not so great practice.
Then there is good practice.
Then there is better practice.
And then there is the “best” practice.

Honestly, it doesn’t matter where we are at in our level of profession as a voice actor. The truth is unless we have mastered all genres of voiceover, we are always learning something new. There are very few mastered experts in all genres of voiceover. For the rest of us, we are always beginners as we a…

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How My Voiceover Journey Began

Here are some interesting facts about my voiceover journey for those who don't know me:

I'm a Bilingual 🇺🇸 English and 🇲🇽 Spanish voiceover actor. I began my voiceover journey in 2005. I booked my first VO job without knowing what voiceover was called or that it was an actual career/business.

I was led to believe early on that to have as much success, I would need to master marketing. Which wasn't 💯 true but I didn't know any better. Marketing was not an area of expertise I had at that t…

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Welcome to Winning in VoiceOver


Welcome to Winning In VoiceOver.

This is my personal “about me” page that isn’t meant to be the polished version but more of a heart-to-heart about why I’m here and starting this business to help guide others to success.

My journey into voiceover has been filled with a lot of challenges and doubts. I’ll share more about some of them in future posts. Not because anyone really cares about me but because I know that many may be able to relate and help you realize that you’re not alone in your str…

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