Quote like a pro

If you’re a voiceover talent who…

  • Feels overwhelmed about how to respond to requests for quotes
  • Lacks confidence around charging what you’re worth and presenting yourself in a business-like manner
  • Wants legal language to ensure that your quotes have the protection you need should something go wrong
  • Spends more time preparing quotes than booking projects and actually using your amazing talent

Then the Quote Like A Pro templates were created just for you!


It's time for you to start booking well-paying voiceover jobs with more ease and less stress, and these templates can help you do just that.

The Quote Like A Pro templates have helped many in the voiceover industry – myself included – so we can spend less time quoting and more time getting paid to do what we love.


I'm a seasoned bilingual voiceover actor of 16 years, a speaker, educator and a business and success coach.

My voice has been featured in top brands like Google, Amazon, USPS, Volkswagon, Spotify, Nyquil, and more, and I’m the creator of the AmeriLatina™ fusion style of voiceover.


Quote With Confidence

When you purchase the Quote Like A Pro customizable templates, you'll be able to quickly send quotes for broadcast and non-broadcast projects that include the following:


Type of Voiceover Project


Revisions Policy


Usage Terms for both commercial and narration projects


Payment Terms


IVR/TTS/E-Learning Protective Language


AI Protective Language

Premium Quality Guarantee

The best part?

These templates have been approved by Robert Sciglimpalgia himself– the top VO lawyer, actor, and executive producer with the number one best selling book Voice Over Legal.

With Robert’s seal of approval and added language, you can have 100% confidence when submitting your quotes and confirming booked jobs knowing you’ve got the language you need to protect yourself and your voiceover business.

My vision is that all voiceover actors can create and share quotes in a consistent way so that clients see us as united professionals with professional standards.

The Quote Like A Pro templates can help us do that. Let's raise the bar while raising our rates, one professional quote at a time!

Headshot of Sophia Cruz
Winning In VoiceOver

“Your templates coupled with the incredible tips from the webinar has literally just made my day! I had a very low offer for a rather big job and after sending them a proper Quote Like A Pro, the offer has suddenly multiplied considerably! Thank you! I really love the templates and look forward to see whatever you come up with next!”

International Voice Actor

Buy The Templates

Get the Quote Like A Pro templates so you can start saving time and earning more today!

Both templates include access to a bonus support webinar with me and Robert Sciglimpalgia where we’ll be walking you through how to use the Quote Like a Pro templates!

Broadcast Template


One-time purchase

Quote Like a Pro Broadcast Template

This template is designed to quote Broadcast a.k.a. commercial projects. It's for any recording used in paid advertising. Theses projects include usage in addition to your standard rates and the language in these templates ensure you have the protection in writing about the usage should you ever need to pursue legal action.

Best Deal!

Template Bundle


One-time purchase

Quote Like a Pro Template Bundle

This is a bundle packaged deal for both templates. It's perfect for those who book work in both commercial and narration projects which is most voice over talents.

Non-Broadcast Template


One-time purchase

Quote like a Pro Non-Broadcast

This template is for all projects that do NOT have any paid advertising attached to it. This template takes into consideration all the narration genres you are most likely getting a request for a quote. The language for this template is specifically designed to meet the needs of a narration project that differ from a commercial one.

Winning In VoiceOver


For one, they are as comprehensive as you need them to be. Every detail you could possibly need is in these templates. Everything about rates, usage, revision policy, etc. Everything is in there!

The second reason I love these templates, they make me look like a Professional. These templates help you come off as a seasoned professional and make you look like you really know your business.

The third and maybe the most important reason I love these templates is that they have demystified the whole scope of the project and quote for me. Before using these templates, there was so much I didn’t even understand before that were necessary. These templates made me understand the whole process better and realized it isn’t that difficult.

These templates are so clearly laid out and explained so well, it will make anyone’s job quoting a breeze. So stop thinking and get them. They are worth every penny.”

Webinar Support

Bonus Webinar Support

Your purchase comes with a webinar with me and Robert Sciglimpaglia.

We walk you through how to use the Quote Like a Pro templates, why the language matters, what to customize, and what to leave as is.

Robert also discussed the pressing issues with artificial intelligence (AI), why it’s important to have the right language that has the potential to save you hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions should you ever be in a litigation situation, how the language in these templates will protect you, and so much more in over 2.5 hours worth of content.