Welcome to Winning in VoiceOver


Welcome to Winning In VoiceOver.

This is my personal “about me” page that isn’t meant to be the polished version but more of a heart-to-heart about why I’m here and starting this business to help guide others to success.

My journey into voiceover has been filled with a lot of challenges and doubts. I’ll share more about some of them in future posts. Not because anyone really cares about me but because I know that many may be able to relate and help you realize that you’re not alone in your struggles in wanting to have a thriving and successful business in voiceover. 

This is NOT as easy as so many people make it out to be. It isn’t just plugging in a microphone and you start earning lots of money overnight. Yes, I used the all elusive, “make six-figures with ease” phrases on my main page because I really believe that is possible for anyone who wants that. Six figures is a number many people want to reach in their business whether you are a voice actor or not. It seems like it has this, “I’ve made it feeling” to it. I mean, I certainly felt that way when I reached my first six-figure year.

But I also know that many people are more than okay to never make six figures in this business. The truth is it’s nobody’s business what you want to make and why you want to make it. This is YOUR business, you can earn as much or as little as you want. I’m here to help you navigate through the many pitfalls if you’re new or if you’re already established, how you can go from where you are now to the next level. 

We never stop learning and growing in this business.

I know I’m going to be just one person in your overall training and education. Hopefully, it will be a very impactful piece in your training. I’m not here to repeat what others have shared countless times. I’m here to offer you a different or better game plan. Give you all the “secrets” which by the way aren’t really secrets. I also no longer have any lack or scarcity mentality. You all can take my jobs. I’m all about Manifesting and Abundance!

I specialize in a lot of genres today but I wasn’t always winning. I actually felt lost for the major part of my business because I was trying to fit into the General American market and they didn’t want me. I was told by some prominent coaches that I had too much of an accent to ever fit in the GenAm market. Then I was told by a few colleagues that my Spanish wasn’t good enough for the Hispanic market. It turns out both of them were wrong. I was able to find the right niche for me when I embraced who I fully am and shared that with clients in the growing diverse markets. I started to have success in this way prior to the shift in 2020 of inclusion and diversity.

I’ve cried a lot of tears of frustration, pain, and confusion because I didn’t have anyone that I felt understood my problems. I had to figure out a lot of stuff through trial and error. I studied a lot, learned even more, coached with many people, and grew as an actor in every sense of the word. 

Today, I blink, and work lands in my lap.

I had a $60,000 week of bookings in three days this month (March 2022). I’m not exaggerating. It’s what’s possible today and this is me trying to leave the game. This is me no longer marketing, no longer auditioning as much, no longer doing anything really because my focus is now on launching and establishing this business. I’ve had to stop saying yes to work because it comes in every day and this website wasn’t going to launch itself. I’ve had to follow my own advice on focus to make this business happen. Otherwise, I would still be recording all day because there just is so much work available to those of us who are trained and experienced. All the arduous hard work of the past 15 years has paid off in droves because I finally believed in myself, in my talent and capabilities as a voice actor. I had enough training to believe I could do it even if the coaches themselves didn’t think I could make it.

I learned to shut the noise out and focus. I’ve been working with high-level business mastermind millionaires who understand success on a whole other level than any other voiceover coach in our industry. I always learn from both inside and outside of the industry of voiceover. That’s why I have such a strong well-rounded business education, viewpoint, and lens that I filter everything through.

This is why I don’t project any limitations on my students. This is why I tailor my coaching to meet their needs because I know this isn’t about me. I know that there are many, many ways that one can have tremendous success in this business. I found my path, and I’m here to guide you to find yours while believing in you, cheering you on, helping you stay incredibly focused, and succeed!

Thank you for being here and I’m truly excited to launch this next chapter in the voiceover industry with each of you!


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